Monday, October 25, 2010

Making slow progress

I've managed, in the last couple of weeks, to get 6 of my 9 patch pineapple squares actually sewn together.How are the rest of you doing?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Unit 3's done

I have all my unit 3's done, and am ready to start assembling. I put some of them up on my wall, just to see what it looks like. I like it, a lot. But, it is going to sit for a while, while I finish up some other things. I have one Christmas gift done, except for quilting it, and quite a few more to go,

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Not Much Progress on NPP

I had a very busy, hectic and long retreat last week.  All of the classes that I participated in were fun.  The instructors were great.  I enjoyed Bonnie Hunter's classes.  We started a Pineapple Blossom and Blue Ridge Beauty.  Both had tons of pieces and required a lot of stitching.  Needless to say, I returned home completely drained and exhausted.  With so much going on at work as well, I did not get much done on the nine patch pineapple.  I have completed unit 2.  Haven't started unit 3 yet, the pieces are all cut out.  No pictures yet, but will try to get some posted this week.  Have a great week.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Finished Unit 2 and Assignment of Unit 3

I finished sewing my Unit 2s over the weekend but needed to press them when I returned home from Atlanta.  I'm sure glad the "hard" part of this project is over!  LOL.  It should be easy work from this point on in the process.

I can't remember if both of you posted completions for Unit 2 but I'm going to go ahead and post assignment for Unit 3.  These units should go pretty quick as they are bigger pieces and there are not as many blocks to make.

Matter of fact, I completed these already.  I'm waiting for the next step (putting the blocks together) so when you are done let me know.
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