Friday, July 30, 2010

Tea's Fabrics

Here are my fabrics for the project.  One of my red fabrics must be hiding somewhere because I only see 14 of them.  The creams are a grouping I've been collecting for a few years.  I'll use a good variety of those even though the pattern requires only 12 fabrics.  UPDATED... I forgot to mention  that I washed my red fabrics in Retayne using hot water.  Let me tell you that water was really, really red.  I'm hoping that once was enough as I'd previously washed them prior to this as I used to wash all fabrics before putting them away.

NPP Fabric Selections

I have spent the last several hours going through my Kaffe Fassett stash to find fabrics for the nine patch pineapple (npp) quilt.  I initially thought I would go with blue fabrics with a cream background.  But after looking at the fabric, it is more a sapphire/purple color and I like the color combinations.  Kaffe Fassett fabric just seems to blend together regardless of the pattern.  I think I will go with a white background instead of the cream.  The contrast will be more dynamic.  I found 10 fabrics that I like.  I ordered a few more just in case, so when they come in I will post another picture.  Here is a picture of what I have picked out so far.  I can't wait to see everyone's selections.  This

Thursday, July 29, 2010

So excited

I'm so excited to be part of an online sew along. I've done BOM's before, but not something like this. It should be a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to getting the book. I've ordered it, and it's been shipped, so it's just a matter of waiting, not too terribly patiently, I must confess, for it to arrive in the mail. It's been a week, and the shipping method said that it could take anywhere from 5 to 11 days. Once it gets here, and I see it in person, and see the fabric requirements, I'll decide on the colour. I'm leaning towards the reds right now, simply because that was what initially caught my eye so strongly. And, if I don't have enough reds, well, that's all the excuse I need to buy more fabric, as if I've ever needed much of an excuse. (giggle). But, if I have to order more fabric, that means I have to wait for it to arrive before getting started. Patience is definitely not one of my strong points. Decisions, decisions............

Nine Patch Pineapple

I am excited to be a part of the sew along.  I have been looking through my stash to find the right fabric.  I think I am going with Kaffe Fassett blues and cream.  I have been reading and re-reading the pattern to make sure I understand all of the instructions.  I just hope my technology limitations do not get in the way.  I like the idea of the blog set up for the sew along.  I will post pictures of my fabric selections before the weekend is over.  Let's get started and good luck to everyone.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nine Patch Pineapple Quilt Sew Along

I'm so excited to start on this new adventure.  I have a couple of cyber quilters interested in joining me in making the Nine Patch Pineapple quilt.  I plan to make a schedule for us to work from.  This is a very relaxed type of sew along.  I don't want this project to be stressful by pushing the group to work too fast.  However, I do want us to be motivated to get the project completed and to encourage us to work on them while seeing each others' fabrics and progress as we go along.  We can share tips and techniques as well.  As this is a copyrighted design, all I ask is that no posting of actual cut sizes and quantities be listed on this blog or in any post linked to this blog.

If you want to join the group, leave a post below.  If you have a blog with "no comments" selected, please leave your e-mail address so I can contact you.  After receiving your post, I will send you an invite to join this blog.  That way you can use this blog to post a link to your actual blog post so we can see your progress throughout the project.
You must have the book, as I'm not giving cutting or sewing directions.
The design is by Cathy Wierzbicki in a book titled, "Geometric Gems by That Patchwork Place."

I have pulled red fabrics to make this quilt but and started cutting 5 of the 15 red fabrics I plan to use. The pattern recommends using 12 fabrics but I added a few more in the mix as we scrap quilters tend to do. As soon as I pull my background fabrics, I'll post here, linking you to my blog.
Tea in MO