Saturday, August 7, 2010

I've started

Well, I've gotten a good start on cutting fabrics for the first step. All the dark triangles are cut, and I have half of the light triangles cut. While I was at it, rather than throw out the trimmings at the beginning and endings of the strips, I used the ends that were trimmed off to get the 60 degree triangles for the darks, and cut some of the smaller dark triangles, as well. The same thing is working for the lights for the side triangles. I was able to get almost 80 of the small dark triangles out of the beginnings and endings of the 6 inch strips. I'd love to keep going ay it today, but, unfortunately, I have to work 3-11 at the hospital this weekend. (sigh). I'll try to get the rest of the cutting done tomorrow before I have to go to work, and maybe be able to start sewing.

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Teaquilts said...

Great job Cathy. I had sewing club and cut some too. I'll make a separate post tomorrow though.